Fashion Revolution

Goodbye Google, hello TagWalk!

Well, all the fashion editors, stylists, fashion writers or just fashion lovers,

our dream website is finally here. Alexandra van Houtte is finally changing our world. As she started her career

as a stylist’s assistant in Paris, she was spending hours, days and weeks scrolling through all the fashion shows and runway

looks to prepare all the looks for her shoots. She was an assistant for various worldwide publications such as Glamour,

Vogue Italia, Numero, Grazia, i-D and a stylist for five, so imagine how many pictures and websites she had to

go through. After all those years in fashion she decided to create website that would facilitate research for fashion

shows from the Paris, Milan, London and New York shows but also worldwide yound designers and minimis research time.

So next time before you start your search for florals (it was Gucci by the way), remember about this platform

that will make your job and life much easier. Once you write down ‘flower power’ and press search button, on your

screen will appear every single blinky look from the season you’re looking for. And since I have my mood boards

all over the place (Pinterest, laptop, iPhone folders, Instagram), the other favorite thing about this platform is that

you can just make your mood boards right there.

We’ll see you when you’re done with your research!

Text & Photo | Aleksandra Markovic

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