Make That Perfect Atmosphere!

She’s an architect. He’s a photographer. They both live in NY and they are making their dream come true.

She has always dreamt of having three businesses in one – candles, chocolate and wine store.

Well, for now we’ve got candles!

Not just any candles, but the ones that have a super simple and adorable name

We love their logo, packaging and, of course, all of their scents.

I would say they are as perfect of a gift, as a NYC mug for all international friends.

They are handcrafted on Upper East Side of Manhattan, inspired by incredible

concentration of art and culture of Museum Mile, kissed by nature of Central Park.

Cottage Garden

Imagine that feeling when you step into a traditional charming Cottage Garden, full of flowers and scents.

A beautiful floral blend of roses,lilac and lavender, with slight violet notes.

Cinnamon Vanilla

Heartwarming, welcoming rich scent of spicy cinnamon with the sweet and creamy notes of vanilla.

Honey Fig

Mediterranean coastline in the summer morning. We are already there! The intriguing warm fruity fragrance of fig,

characteristic of freshly picked sun-ripened figs. Submerge in this sweet honeyed floral fig scent.


Christmas is almost here and just think about freshly cut Christmas trees. Yes, makes you feel zen. Cedarwood

and pine essential oils meddle with vivid citrus to create a faithful and well-rounded pine scent.

Egyptian Amber

This one is love at first sniff. Mysterious fragrance blend, unique, complex fragrance that starts off with top

notes of lavender and jasmine and then blends into musk, sandalwood and vanilla.

Red Orange

This one is a striking combination of citrus fragrances that you can smell the minute you walk into the room.

Imagine marrying bergamot and grapefruit peel with the subtle floral sweetness. Just an orange connoisseur’s dream!

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