P-ART Basel Opening

It's that time of the year when all creatives from New York are moving to Miami for Art Basel.

It's not any different with NYC Art Collective, PA-RT, that celebrates it's sixth-year anniversary

with exclusive Art Basel performance-art installation "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction",

and a rocking dance party!

This year marks 47 years of Art Basel and 81 years since renowned philosopher Walter Benjamin wrote

his epic essay "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction".

Innovatively playing with ideas of Benjamin, is a display of the works of two emerging artists:

photographer and performer Jacqueline Farrara, as well as a painter and digital graphics artist Alex Osborne who

will also launch his “AO” line of splatter-paint leather accessories.

The event is scheduled for December 6th 2017 and will develop from an art-opening with love vocals from David Velasco

of Mexico into a dance party with an emerging star DJ guest Richie Hell, PA-RT resident DJs Nash and

Nicola Zanatta, and the Miami local Eveava, who invite you to an immersive exploration of the

impact of reproduction on art on the one side, and a swinging dance party on another!

So don't miss PA-RT on December 6th at Miami's legendary “Do Not Sit on the Furniture” and discover

much more than a dance party. The event will begin with a free champagne bar from 7pm (who can say no to that),

and end when, and if, you do sit down on the furniture.


#ArtBasel #PART #DoNotSitontheFurniture

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