Saint Laurent x Colette

Guess what? Shop till you drop has a new meaning at the moment!

Before Parisian most famous boutique Colette closes their doors forever, they announced

Saint Laurent will we be the last brand to take over its space.

French luxury label Saint Laurent teamed up with Colette

and created a collection that features apparel, a Vespa, skatedecks, speakers,

leather goods, hoodies, tees and chocolates!

This line is specific because black graphic tees and hoodies pay tribute to rock&roll icons such

as Patti, Axel Rose, Bryan Ferry, Blondie and Depeche Mode.

The other part of this collection contains leather goods such as tags,

pouches and some fetish toys (oh yes!) - and they also have that rocker vibe. Our favorites are definitely vintage Polaroid SX-70 camera, speakers and headset by

Bang & Olufsen and skate decks by Arkaic Concept coming in leopard print.

Pure love!

Ok, who’s in Paris? Here's our list! And we almost forgot that there’s that insanely cool Total Black Vespa and

helmets by Ruby in all-black and crystallized versions. This is also a very last moment to check out this flagship

location in Paris before they close its doors forever.

Looks like this is the end of one amazing era in fashion world.

Text & Photo: Aleksandra Markovic

Photo Source: Yves Saint Laurent

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