NYC Thrift Gem: Beacon's Closet


What an amazing city we live in.

Such power, lust, wonder and just plain magic this city exuberates.

A place where you can be whoever you want to be. No limitations where the streets will lead you,

no limitations to how high you can go. All you must do is go out there and reach for the stars, right?

Well while New York City is AMAZING, it is to most of us incredibly expensive, wouldn’t you agree?

You really learn to hustle here in the big apple, it gives you a chance to experience several passions and

or maybe even discover new ones you didn’t know you had!

To wrap up NYC can be a very hard city to afford, especially starting off, and while all you may

want to do is hit all the shops on 5th Avenue, it might not be in the budget.

But do not fear!

You can still have the honor of wearing beautiful brands like Saint Laurent, Club Monaco, Gucci,

Tory Burch, Theory and many many more.

I recently came across a few beautiful little gems, starting with none other then the wonderful little store

known as Beacon’s Closet.

With locations in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, it is convenient to get to,

and trust me when I say you will not be disappointed.

I walked into the Greenpoint location out of curiosity one day. First off, it was a bigger

store than I thought would be feasible in New York, at first glance I was overwhelmed with the size of

the store and the amount of inventory they had, I mean racks and racks of clothing.

All colors, patterns, fabrics, so many options, endless possibilities.

So many ways for you to take chances and explore your taste further.

I walked out with a beautiful Pea Coat made by Theory for a total of $35.00……

If that’s not a steal, I don’t know what is.

I also found a very cute All Saints button down, a brand new made well jean shirt and

a 70’s inspired high-waisted black bell bottom like pants with gold buttons alongside both legs,

I did quite well if I can say so myself.

Among its impressive collection of designers, you will find a vast variety of purses,

antique jewelry and a beautiful fitting room.

So, ladies and Gentlemen I leave you with this, if you are not already...

Do not overlook thrift stores.

Do yourself a favor, do your closet a favor, visit Beacon’s Closet and find

that killer outfit to grace the streets of NYC with.

Photo Source: Beacons Text: Rebeca Cornejo

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