Summer Fridays are here all year long!

Blogger Marianna Hewitt recently joined forces with Lauren Gores

and created a brand called “Summer Fridays”.

They are making possible to have that  Summer Friday feel all year long.

The creative duo shares: 

"Full disclosure: as bloggers we’ve tested and tried just about every product out there.

Even with cabinets, bins and boxes full of every type of treatment, we were still searching for something with

good-for-you ingredients that gave our skin an immediate selfie-worthy glow.

We’re excited to give YOU a chance to take a little Summer Fridays time for yourself because your skin deserves it.

This is about feeling confident in clear, beautiful skin so you can focus on the fun stuff. #TGISF SKIN. EVERY. DAY.”

Right now, they launched only 1 product called “Jet Lag Mask”. 

Formulated with antioxidants such as vitamin C, chestnut extract to activate natural exfoliation,

green tea, ceramides and niacinamide (a naturally occurring compound of Vitamin B3).

It has a pepermint-infused formula that leaves a refreshing tingly feeling on your skin.

While creating the product, Lauren & Marianna were thinking not only about the formulation,

but the branding and packaging. It looks like they know about the power of Social Media

and those stunning flatlays that are a necessity of every bloggers feed: 

“Lauren and I both know if it doesn’t look good we’ll post it on [Instagram] Stories, and if it’s photogenic we’ll post it on our Instagram feeds.

No matter how good the product is, if it doesn’t look good it’s not getting posted,” Hewitt shares. 

We are excited to see what the duo will create next! 

Text: Kornelija Slunjski Photo Source: SummerFridays.Com

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