Gifts: Not Only for the Holiday Season

These gifts are here to stay!

Just remember how hard is buying a little souvenirs for all your closest friends. Not anymore!

So if you either live in New York, or you're just visiting, you'll definitely love them. And they are going to

remind you of all the special and breathtaking adventures you had in this city.

Travel Junkie 3D Souvenirs is an official American brand that use 3D technology to create some cool and so realistic 3D souvenirs.

These magnets are being made in Brooklyn and you can find most famous NYC landmarks created in unique 3D technique.

Just stick them on your refrigerator and they will always remind on some

crazy and adorable

moments you had right under that Brooklyn Bridge!

Text & Collage: Aleksandra Markovic

Photo Source: Dushan Jovic

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