Our favorite Fashion Coffee Table Books

They say style is the way to to show who you are without having to say a word . This very truth entails not only our personal style when it comes to the way we dress and present ourselves, but the way we live and our home. Most modern homes are placing some must-have coffee table books in their home. Aside from telling incredible stories, these books serve to add an aesthetic appeal to the interiors, and are a good conversation starter - something your guests will be amused with while you’re preparing them a drink. Table books have taken the interior design world by storm in the last couple of years and been a quintessential detail seen in many contemporary homes. Most luxury fashion houses have come up with one.

Ralph Lauren: 50 Years. This book is an endearing and beautiful look in to the start of Ralph Lauren and his journey through the years, told by the most accurate and raw words of Ralph Lauren himself. The book features many pictures, news clipping and mementos from Ralphs personal and professional life. Did you know that Ralph was a business school dropout from the Bronx? That’s something I learned from this beautiful book. It always causes people to spring forth in hope when reading the uncertain road of a successful person.

Second on our list is: Kate: The Kate Moss Book. We are all familiar with this Iconic model that has had just an incredible career. This book was created by Kate herself along with a collaboration with creative director Fabien Baron.The reason this book is such a good read is because in it the famous model looks back at her career in a very personal way. She was discovered at a very young. She selected all the photographs in the book,

displaying and showcasing her many collaborations with so many talented photographers such as Mario Testino, Corrine Sims, Arthur Elgort among many more: which clearly designate why her career has been and continues to be successful.

Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation: Art, Fashion and Architecture. What we love about this book, in fact why people love having this book on their coffee table is for the indisputable fact of the massive expansion that the brand has reached, including but not limited to handbags, home accessories, furniture and their commitment to the arts. If you have some preconceived ideas and understanding of the brand Louis Vuitton, I suggest you think twice about carrying them with you when reading this book. You will be shocked when you see for yourself the extensive amount of collaborations with many designers, some of which you may be aware and many that you will not know. All of which have contributed to the ever evolving and admired brand.

Last but definetly not least, this book in has managed to make it as far as to the covers of actual architectural magazines, and is a center piece of many a fashionista’s home- the sleek & elegant Tom Ford book. This jet black hardcover with his well known bold logo at front is such a statement piece and a true holy grail of fashion books. Besides detailing Ford’s overhaul of Gucci, this book is a true collective of amazing photography & original sketches, cementing Tom Ford’s status as one of the sexiest and most forward thinking designers of our generation. Spoiler alert-foreword is by no one else but legendary fashion icon Anna Wintour!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our favorite fashion coffee table books...

Text: Ivana Stojkovic & Rebecca Cornejo

Photo Source: biztositascentrum.com, amazon.com, pinterest

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