Ponzi PR Scheme by Kanye West

Let's get it out of the way and just say it...

Kanye West knows how to sell himself.

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He is a PR whiz, who capitalizes on the good and bad with equal aplomb.

He brings his A-game to every new challenge. For example, when he set his sights on the Fashion industry,

he didn't just dabble in it, he re-defined the entire landscape on his terms. As his Yeezy fashion line enters its sixth season, we have to wonder

if West's line is beginning to show signs of fatigue.

The word is, the new designs aren't particularly groundbreaking. Call it gym couture.

It's trendy, comfortable, and accessible: athleisure gear like crop tops, sweats, bike shorts and bomber jackets.

But is it enough? It's clear this time around the excitement is just not as palpable. Despite this, we don't think

it's time to ring the alarm bells just yet. After all, West inevitably made a big splash, even before the official opening

of New York Fashion Week. Why? Because that's just what he does.

Kanye West is known for his big ego that translates through remarkable shows.

Since the first fashion show in Paris in October 2011, his show's were a reflection of his arrogance, pretentiousness.

It also reflected a quiet need to mimic the couture shows of the biggest names in the fashion industry

like Dior and Chanel, with the big exception - lack of quality that we are used to seeing from fashion houses.

That he wanted to enter into the fashion world through a big door proves his choice

of the venue's he would book. One of them was the same space Alber Elbaz used to celebrate a decade at Lanvin.

No further explanation is needed because we all know who is Elbaz and Lanvin doesn't need an introduction.

After his Paris debut, his line was soon established as Yeezy. Next stop was concurring the "Big Apple".

For the presentation, he picked another spectacle that was staged in the Madison Square Garden.

During this extravaganza, he announced that he was ready

to be the creative director of Hermès (pause for reaction). What is also memorable is his tendency to schedule his shows at the same time as some other designer’s

show, forcing attendees, as magazine editors, media, and celebrities to choose between them.

Of course, a majority of them followed Kanye in his new chapter with the blessings of

Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour. Next stop in for his presentation was

Roosevelt Island's Four Freedoms Park where entire fashion royalty came and waited for 4 hours in the heat.

After that performance, no one talked about the collection that resembled different variations of Spanx,

the talk of the fashion week were models who weren't able to walk the runway because most of them fainted from the heat. This time he went in totally opposite way and with the help of his muse - his wife.

We all know how Kim Kardashian West is a PR institution onto herself, so everything she touches somehow turns to gold.

On the other side, we have the paparazzi world.

The solution was simple - put the latest collection on Kim, and let her run some errands in it. Paparazzi,

as usual, are on every corner, so her every new move and outfit was captured by the army of

faithful leaders of Kardashian/West clan. A brilliant, built-in PR Ponzi scheme.

Following the YS6 paparazzi lookbook that came out late last year,

Kanye precisely replicated every look and moment from the paparazzi photos with Paris Hilton,

Amina Blue, the Clermont twins and Sarah Snyder looking like Kim.

In a way, Kanye didn't have to do anything new, but with the Kim-clones series, he made a statement that,

as far as he is concerned, he and his wife are the dominating forces

in the pop culture and everyone will follow behind.

In other words, this is a Kimye world, and we just live in it! So if you want a piece of their world, you'll have to open your wallet.

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