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If you are in search of a modern style icon, look no further than Instagram, where there is a good possibility you will run into Mr. Korey. After all, Instagram was how I re-discovered Christopher Korey. Let me explain: it was during my first year in New York busing tables, that I set my sights on Korey. His effortless style and confidence, infused with genuine warmth. To me he was the embodiment of the thriving New Yorker.The more I learned about him the more I admired. For years as he graced the covers of magazines sharing his style philosophy (old, glamorous Hollywood infused with a modern twist), he built a successful real-estate business.A stylish gentleman from head to toe who believes that ones environment (home and work) is just as important to develop as personal style. Working closely with his clients, he found many of them were just as hungry for style advice, as they were the perfect apartment.Christopher Korey is a lifestyle and fashion guru who will be inspiring us for years to come..

How has being You born and raised in New York shaped your outlook as a person?

CK: I’m both fortunate and proud to have been born and raised here in New York. The city has shaped me in so many ways.

One of the most important things is the fact because of the diversity of this place you get exposed to so many different people and cultures, that it makes you appreciate all kinds of people from all walks of life. That, combined with the incredible art, music, food, and style, is just a part of me.

It’s also the fast-paced environment, and you just have to adapt to the fast and sometimes stressful way of life. It makes you grow up faster and develops in you the survivor instinct.

Some of us came here to make our dreams come true. Knowing that New York is the most complex and alluring city, and Sinatra famously proclaimed:

''If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere." With that in mind, describe your relationship with NY as a professional.

CK: New York is a unique place that can be spectacular or brutal and not much in between. It forces you to raise your game to the highest level, or it utterly chews you up and spits you out.That maybe sounds like a cliche, but it is true, and we've seen this so many times. The energy, pace, and competition, all force you to do your best at all times. It can be very hard, but the best things in life usually are. The reward for that is, in my case, very good life in this extraordinary city.

A family is a big part of your life. Browsing through your Instagram posts, I couldn't help but notice a few posts dedicated to your mother and your sister. How big was and is their influence significant to your life?

CK: My family has had a tremendous impact on me my entire life. I have been truly blessed to be raised by parents that possessed incredible heart, style also intelligence. I would hope that at least some of that rubbed off on both myself and my sister who is also my best friend. I am beyond lucky.

You have over 20 years experience in the real-estate world. As you have said many times, real estate was not your first choice.

You wanted to be an interior designer, but you took a D tour and decided to stay in the highly competitive real-estate field.

Any regrets?

CK: I am not a big believer in regret. You do the best you can on the path that you are on. There will be bumps and detours along the way, but you are right where you are supposed to be. Life doesn't move in a straight line. With all the successes and all the failures, I wouldn't trade a single moment because they made me who I am today and hopefully someone that continues to grow and evolve.

Photo Source: Instagram @christopherkorey

One of your, I would say life coach statements is ''Putting your authentic, and absolute best version of yourself out into the world opens doors and creates opportunities that you would never imagine". How difficult is to stay true to that mantra (especially when we consider new generations and their obsession with perfection in social media) at a time where we are equating happiness with likes and followers?

CK: I see you did some research on me, and yes I stand behind that sentence, especially at this time. Your authentic self is the only one that will lead you to success and happiness in your life. It's when you get away from your genuine self that bad things happen. That's when you make mistakes in your career, your relationships and your life overall. As far as social media goes, it can be used to lift you up or break you down. When I say break down, I mean that social media gives people an opportunity to focus on something that they don't have. I see that as a wrong approach, and we can also look at the people or profiles who promote that let's call it a ''fake life''. They aren't worth very much so there's no reason to pay attention to them or compare yourself with them. Social media can be used to inspire, lift up and connect people. That's what I've chosen to do. To sort of counterbalance all the breaking down that I see. My way isn't the right way; it's just my way. I hope to lift up and inspires someone to pursue their goal and dream, not break down and think "Oh I don't have the life as he has." It may not be trendy, but it’s authentically me.

In a previous interview, I noticed one thing - you always appear humble and grateful for your followers on Instagram. It seems like you are still astonished by the reaction and feedback that you receive from your followers. How much has your life changed since September 19th, 2015,

when you joined the platform and published your first photo, and has it had any effect on your real-estate business?

CK: To say that I am both humbled and honored to have any following at all would be a vast understatement. The fact that other than my family and about five friends, people follow me is astonishing. I am amazed, humbled and honored. It certainly has helped in business, which is something I never would've imagined and that I'm thankful for that. One of the best things about it is the people I've met along the way which I have inspired, and in return, they have inspired me. There's no price you can put on that.

One of your, let's call it, side passion is fashion. When did that interest begin? Were you always so dapper, even at an early age?

CK: Well thank you for that, I am truly humbled. Fashion is not my thing. It comes and goes in all various shapes and sizes and is more about the trend. I'm much more about style, one that's individual and authentic to you. I was much more casual in my early years then I am now that's for sure. I was very much the jeans and T-shirt guy. As the world started to get more casual, I noticed an unfortunate byproduct. Casual became lazy. Not just in appearance but in everything else. Manners, work ethic, effort and responsibility all fell by the waste side. As I got older, I became more formal with my style and outfits. The reason was not only because I liked the aesthetic but because of what it represented. Men should look like men. Gentlemen should look that way and act that way. We as a society have gotten away from that, and I don't consider that as a good thing, trend or behavior. Wearing a tie doesn't make you a gentleman, you have to live it in every way. So it’s not about the clothes, it’s about what the clothes represent

- the best version of you - gentleman out to take on the world.

One thing I've noticed preparing for this interview is that you have an enormous amount of respect for the old Hollywood style icons like Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant. Why them in particular?

CK: Growing up those guys we're my idealized picture of what a man should be. Somewhat of a combination of the two. The grace and elegance of Cary Grant with the man's man Life of good times of Frank Sinatra. If you look at most old Hollywood movies as contrasted to today, there is no comparison in my opinion. Old Hollywood had style, glamour, refinement and good times. It's everything we don't have today. It's not just the aesthetic I prefer; it's the lifestyle.

What was the best fashion advice that you received and can you reveal who gave it to you?

CK: Fashion is right now; style is forever. Mr. Ralph Lauren.

Photo Source: Instagram @christopherkorey

Your style gives off the vibe of European elegance and sophistication. In a world of fast fashion, this is something that is hard to achieve,

especially as you stated one time that tailoring, unfortunately, is a dying art. You have immense respect for this craft. Proof of that is your loyalty to Salvatore and Carl at L&S Tailors. For over 40 years, they’ve produced some of the most exquisite garments that New York has to offer, and we can say that they stand behind every look of yours. What did lead to this collaboration and what makes them an excellent fit for you?

CK: Thank you so much for your kind words. If I'm even half of that, I'm doing okay. Inspiration always comes from my elegant and sophisticated brothers in Europe. I think they are continually pushing the envelope when it comes to man style, and that is a great learning experience for me. Yes, I do have great respect and admiration for artists of all kinds, but Carl and Salvatore have a special place. They are artists that work and create in a way we can rarely see today. My collaboration with them is absolutely a gift that I cherish. This collaboration was born out of not being able to find what I wanted precisely, so it forced us to create. It's how all innovation gets started I guess. Seeking what you can't get and creating it. I am obsessed with fit, form, and proportion and both Carl and Sal just get it. Tailoring surely is a dying art, and you sometimes find the ones that are left want you to do it their way. I respect that but Carl and Sal trust me to do it my way, and I trust them to bring the vision to life. We are like mad scientists in a laboratory, but it's done with both love and passion.

Custom-made suits are on your list of must-have items, but what are your thoughts on other, more well-known designers?

Who has captured your attention?

CK: I have always been a fan of Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford. Both of which share an style very close to my own. Ralph Lauren for his classic elegance and Tom Ford for his 1970s inspired bold sophistication. Both of them, however, have businesses to run and sometimes have to deviate from their core to make what sells. So inevitably there will be a compromise. When you go custom there is no compromise; you should get precisely what you want each time, and that is why I personally like to be part of the creative process when it comes to my own gourmets.

If you had an opportunity to launch your clothing line what would be your concept and who would be your customer?

CK: Stay tuned ;-)

We established that you have specific taste when it comes to suits, but how important are shoes to you? It seems you are faithful to Stefano Bemer.

Any particular reason?

CK: Shoes are the foundation of any well-dressed man's wardrobe. You simply cannot be well-dressed with subpar shoes. The first thing I look at on a guy is his shoes. They are an investment but one that is well worth it and can last many years. I do love Stefano Bemer shoes for their quality of construction, their beautiful lines, and their pure elegance. When you find something of such high quality, you stick with it.

Photo Source: Instagram @christopherkorey

We all have those moments in a fashion where we have an embarrassing blunder. Is there any fashion faux pas that you are willing to share with our readers?

CK: Oh, I'm sure if I dug up some pictures of me in the 80s you would find some frightening images. Like life, all the mistakes are necessary. You have to find yourself and what works for you. Those scary Miami Vice-like outfits I may have been sporting got me here, so I'm thankful. So I don't burn the pictures, they are part of my roadmap. Ok, maybe I burned one or two.

Thank you so much for taking the time and talking to us. It was a great satisfaction, and we are looking forward to your new projects.

CK: The pleasure and honor were entirely mines. I sincerely thank you so much, and I'm genuinely humbled. Big projects are on the way, and I look forward to sharing them with you.

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