Glamour de FLOTUS

Ever since her first public appearance, and well before her husband became the leader of the Free World, Melania Trump has managed to spark controversy while still capturing our collective imaginations. Put aside the notorious GQ cover, and the recent Green Card debate

(let's be honest, who of us ever heard of an Einstein Visa before last month?),and accentuate the positive: Simply put, Melania's elegant, sophisticated style is putting us over the edge.

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Her quiet poise and enigmatic smile possess old world charm and allure. With every new outfit, she wins over admirers and appears on the top of the best-dressed lists. True, she's not above the fashion faux pas. One of them was memorable, and it involves stilettos en route to a Hurricane-ravaged Texas. And let's not overlook the general public's (understandable) disdain for many ensembles that cost more than an American family's annual income. When we turn to the past, we find a long line of First ladies, who used fashion to connect with the public and define their presence. The image of Jacqueline Kennedy was iconic and untouchable thanks to the collaboration with Valentino, Dior, Balenciaga - and we will never forget the infamous pink Chanel suit.

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But when your husband is Donald Trump, you may as well place a couture bullseye on your back and hope for the best. Melania also learned that provocation is sometimes the best medicine for your critics. For example, who can forget the infamous presidential debate appearance in the bright pink Gucci ''pussy'' blouse, coming immediately behind the Access Hollywood tape revelations? Then came the Presidential Inauguration in which she channeled her version of Jackie O. by wearing a baby blue custom-made Ralph Lauren suit. Again comparisons with the legendary Jackie were inventible, but the public backlash toward Ralph Lauren was harsh, considering he was the only one who dared dress her.

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Months after Melania gained the respect and appreciation of fashion lovers all over the world with her bold combinations and,

maybe for the function of the First lady of the United States of America, unusual and everything but demure.American designers maybe didn't give her her proper due, like her can-do-no-wrong predecessor Michelle Obama, which forced Melania to turn her sights toward European sophistication.

She refuses to shy away from expensive couture pieces from Dior or Balmain, and most recently Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

One of her boldest fashion adventures to date was a collaboration with luxury prêt-à-couture fashion brand under the creative direction of Josep Font, Delpozo. In other words, Melania is displaying fashion savvy like no other First Lady before her. But truth be told, she has endured tough scrutiny as FLOTUS.Every fashion step that she makes is analyzed and commented upon; every blunder is apocalyptic. At least, her controversies pale in comparison to her husband's.

The first year with Donald Trump was everything but amusing, but when it comes to Melania, she passes her fashion exam with flying colors.

As much as we are wondering how next three years will look like with president Trump, we are more than excited to see Melania's next fashion checkmate.

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