Luka Sabbat: millennial entrepreneur

At only 20 years old Luka Sabbat is already carving out a legacy on fashion runways, and on the screen, in one of today's most talked about tv shows. Somehow despite the time constraints of fame and success, he is quickly building an empire: employing his vision on a new set of creative endeavors that we are getting very excited about.His already-impressive résumé is proof that hard work, ambition, charisma and a bit of great timing can align with a new life of stardom.

After capturing the imagination of fashion luminaries like Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss, an army of 1 million Instagram followers quickly followed, leading to a breakout role on Grown-ish, TV's latest It show. Now he's one of the boys in high prestige fashion club next, rubbing shoulders with gal pals Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

The exciting thing about Luka is that he made the early decision not to follow the path of his formal education and dropped out of college to pursue his dreams. One semester was more than enough, and "being in the cage," he states, doesn't work for him. For him, the world is a place to learn and grow. He found a kindred soul in Noah Dillon, and their collaboration sparked a photographic show aptly titled HOTMESS. The show is about taking young people of various backgrounds and capturing them in situations unfamiliar to them. A play on contradictions from the young punk dining in Cipriani to the rich kid finding solace on the streets of Chinatown. Shot from an insiders perspective the "youth" capturing the "youth" skews societal expectations by turning them on its head. Luka sees his work of art as a book you would read in 2030, or like a new age Twitter.

When it comes to fashion he is straightforward: "I think you need to have a sense of self-confidence, a sense of what works regarding fit and proportions and not being afraid to take risks. Most importantly it can't look forced..." Far away from being forced, Luka is marching to the beat of his drum, while enjoying the best days of his life. What is next in his professional life we will surely find out soon, but based on what we've seen so far, we can expect nothing short of innovative, revolutionary and unconventional.

Photo | Marko Sovilj

Article | Josip Majer

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