What is your acne telling you?

Breakouts & acne is uncomfortable for everyone, sometimes you feel like you are doing everything right and still you have issues. Some blame it on puberty, but what when you are continually breaking out in your adult years? Breakouts are ways of your body telling you something is different, something is wrong. Pay attention on the areas where you acne repeatedly shows up and read this breakdown below-your body may be telling you about other issues you didn’t think you have! Zone 1: LIVER- be cautions about you dairy, alcohol & “heavy” food intake 

Zone 2 & 3: BLADDER & DIGESTIVE SYSTEM-you might be eating too much fast food, snacks. or not drinking enough water 

Zone 4: HEART-check your cholesterol level & lower your red meat consumption 

Zone 5 & 6: KIDNEYS-dark under-eye circles are sometimes genetic but they can also imply your body is not hydrated enough 

Zone 7 & 8: RESPIRATORY SISTEM-are you a smoker, or spend a lot of time indoors? Also lower your sugar consumption & change your bedsheets regularly 

Zone 9 and 11: HORMONES- your hormone level & stress are the main cause of breakouts here

Zone 10: SMALL INTESTINE-try some herbal teas & probiotics to improve your digestion  

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