Huda Beauty Remastered her Rose Gold Palette!

Almost a year ago, the beauty mogul Huda Beauty announced she is discontinuing her famous Rose Gold Palette.

Her Instagram army and beauty lovers around the world were confused- why do that to one of your best sellers?

It turned out that Huda wanted to make the product even better. Just a couple of days ago, Huda launced the new "Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette." (and it got sold out a few minutes after the launch)

On a first glance, they look pretty similar, but once you feel the formula you'll definitely see why it deserves the title "Remastered".

Let's start from the packaging. A lot of people were commenting that she could've add a few more bucks into the packaging (it used to have only a plastic cover). Now it has a nice sturdy cover with Huda's beautiful face on it, aaand it comes with a mirror. Having a mirror is always useful when it comes to cosmetics, it makes it so much easier to apply makeup on the go or just to have a quick close up glance on your bomb eyeshadow game.

When it comes to the formula, here is the true magic. Huda has been listening to her fans and reformulated some of the very special shades in her palette that were foil-like and gave your look beautiful dimension. The downside was, they were somewhat difficult to apply unless you are using your fingers. Now, the formula is creamier while making it easier to apply (no more under-eye fallouts.)

Besides the top row, she revamped the whole palette and gave all the shades a new and enhanced formula which makes it easier to blend and they are more pigmented!

"Everyone who knows me, knows how important our original Rose Gold Palette was to us, but when we launched it, we really had to invest everything into the Palette and couldn’t invest in things like packaging & innovation! That year 2016, I actually couldn’t afford to pay myself salary, because this Palette was such a huge project for us! Fast forward to 2018 and we wanted to reintroduce our Rose Gold Palette, with completely new and never seen before formulas, listening to everything you guys wanted! From SUPER intense mattes & incredibly creamy pigmented foils, we are sooo excited to reveal to you our Rose Gold ReMastered Palette" -Huda Beauty

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