The scent of Florence

Leaving New York this summer is the only thing on your mind, but escape from humidity is a challenge. If you need just a touch of the Mediterranean sea, the only thing that will be enough is a drop of captivating scent made by talented perfumer Paolo Vranjes. When it comes to inspiration, only one thing captivates his attention, the Italian city of Florence.

As he stated, Florence will always play a fundamental role in the company’s creative and production process. In Italy, Florence boasts tradition in the art of processing essences and perfumes. The city relies on a pool of artisans capable of different types of creation motivated by their heritage and artistic skills. In other words, it is a place that inspires Paolo Vranjes’ creative talent, including the glass bottle, created in 2008 and cast by Florentine artisans, is the reminiscent octagonal base of Brunelleschi's Dome.

The collection includes more than 40 exclusive fragrances. The broad palette, available in the iconic bottle, allows the choice of the perfect olfactory experience for any environment depending upon space, size and light. The fragrances also serve as small beautiful objects of interior decor: Linen Line, Candles, Catalytic lamps with purifying properties and Carparfum.

This year the company celebrates thirty-five years of activity. We can expect many more projects and collaborations shortly, announced the creative team behind Dr. Vranjes during the presentation in New York's Bergdorf & Goodman. As they stated the culmination of new and exciting ideas would be creating an Interactive Museum of Perfume which will also serve as a place for developing ideas and in the end capturing them in the form of scent.

Writer | Josip Majer

Photo | Marko Sovilj

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