Artist Marko Tirnanic Represented New York in Vienna

Marko Tirnanic is a famous artist based in New York with Serbian origin., born in Yugoslavia that fell apart in hiss early age. Art lovers and MOMA visitors may see his work as a consequence of “Concrete Utopia”, as curators of the exhibition in MOMA called that country in Europe. After Marko‘s great success with “March 8” and his exhibitions at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and The Whitechapel Gallery in London, Marko was invited to be part of an important artist and resident of the Q21 program in MuseumsQuartier in Vienna.

Marko Tirnanic used his participation and stay in Vienna during April 2021 to present the New York art scene to colleagues and institutions in Vienna.

For In the Air magazine, Marko says: the exchange of opinions, new artistic tendencies and practices between New York and a large cultural center such as Vienna is primarily important for colleagues, those that are active in the art scene in these strange COVID times. I put emphasis also to the audiences who will have the opportunity to see different prospects, different thinking and different research that led me to my last art work. I used my stay at the Museums Quartier as a platform to bring the contemporary art practice of the US, more specifically NY, closer to the active and very important art scene in Europe. I used the in person meetings with the directors of museums and galleries to present my work, but also the work of my colleagues that I cooperate with in NYC since I moved there in 2018.

It was a great honor and pleasure to be invited to participate in such an important museum complex, announcing the new exhibition that will be opened in 2 galleries in Vienna by the end of 2021, Marko added with his misterious smile. Title for his new artwork is still missing he wanted to share with us that “but I assume that summer in the Big Apple will lead me to that part of my artwork. Famous Yugoslav film directed by Srdjan Karanovic, back in the 1988. “A Film with no Name” will not be the inspiration for the title of my new art project, I promiss you that.”

Marko Tirnanic continues to produce his works in New York and we look forward to his new projects. Critical thinking and boldness in his works place him among the greatest new hopes of the art scene.

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